"It'll be all over ny christmas" and you won't be Trenched anymore

Double Fine have run into a shcok problem with their latest game Trenched for those who don't know, released in the US on the 23rd as a portuguese board game designer apparently holds a trademark on the name which oddly cover Video games aswell.

So Until double Fine sort out the trademark issues looks like us in the UK and the rest of Europe won't be getting a game thats got mostly high ratings with many 9.0 ratings.


For those who havent seen Trenched it looks like Chromehounds with a Double Fine twist. From whats been said its a co-op online tower defence game set in WWII with a sort of wierd one step on from Steam Punk look.


I'm annoyed to say the least I hope we get to see this quite amazing game soon as we need a giant mech game on live.


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patience people, it will be the same game you waited for just renamed, if you would have bought it now you will still buy it when it is released

Problem is, the longer its not released, the more people are going to give up on it. With From Dust, Toy Soldiers and Bastion around the corners peoples 1200MSP are all ready being pre spent....i know mine are....

I am really really annoyed!!  I have been waiting ages for this, and now its held-up because of some stupid poxy name rights issue!!

Hurry up, give it another cool name, and lets all enjoy it!!

 Just give me a proper sequel to Chromehounds already.

I know that this isn't going to happen.

Not Really any High Quality anymore. Chromehounds was good but Armoured core and few other robot fighting games and not really have quite that feel of giant hulking mechs.

We already have giant mech games on live.