"I find the lack of your Elite Controller disturbing."

Okay, so I stopped by Wal-Mart today to pick up the new and recently released Xbox One Elite controller only to wait for 20 minutes and find out that they didn't have any in stock because they were all sold out already. The associate even told me she checked the Wal-Mart website and said that they were sold out on there too. So, I come home and go to the Xbox Store to see if I can purchase it there, and there too, it's sold out.

So, 1 of the biggest retailers around doesn't have it, and neither does the official source... I don't think I've ever personally seen demand quite like this before - I've always just been able to pick up the things I want, and because I waited, I now can't get it (at least without paying exorbitant and gouged price-hikes from those seeking to make a profit online by unsavory means, which I'm not willing to give in to, since it's already expensive enough as is).

So, is anybody in the same (sinking) boat as me? Do you know where it might be available currently at its regular retail price?

I want to feel elite; I want to be elite; but now at least, I just feel sad. :'(


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All I know is that I'll get this controller hopefully by Friday is all goes well (postage) and I'm super excited!

I always thought the best solution was to realize how silly it is to argue over a matter of personal preference.

Jimmy is cool with wired controllers...

Johnny has problems with wires getting in the way...

Who cares!?!? lol

My common sense is tingling. Xp

Well, there's an easy solution for that:

1. Don't have pets.

2. Don't get married.

3. Cover it with a carpet/painted box-cover to look like the walls/floors (and Have a fire extinguisher handy just in case).



Kids and pets are the top reason to not have a wired controller

Rvhk A cord running along the floor doesn't bother me one bit. What in the world are you doing while playing games that makes having a wire such a nuisance?

1. Cats and cords don't mix.

2. Wife tripping on the cord and pull machine down, don't mix.

3.  Messy cords piled on machine looks bad.

That's why I provided the statement here :) for all to see.

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Oh yeah, Bowski, well not everyone follows Major Nelson! *runs away crying* :'(

Also, news outlets like IGN are almost always the 2nd to know about things (after the official source)...

Major Nelson tweeted about this yesterday.

Seeing some questions about Elite Controller availability so let me say this: they are sold out at most retailers around the world (1/2)
More Elite Controllers are arriving each week, but supplies may be limited until early Dec. (2/2)

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Apparently, I'm not the only 1 feeling the pinch when it comes to the lack of this controller.

I believe the Elite only has the standard 90 day warranty for Xbox accessories in the United States which is ridiculous given the price.

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