"Hunted: The Demon's Forge" - New Type of Action RPG

A Metacritic rating of 62% backed up by a user score of 6.1/10.


Most reviewers using the phrase "This will give you something to do until a better game comes out".


Uninspiring gameplay trailers.


These 3 things almost kept me away from "Hunted: The Demon's Forge".


Then I bumped into a couple of people who owned it, both of them raving about their experiences and saying the game was like "Gears Of War" with swords.


That should be 'Epic Win' (no pun intended) but it just didn't sit true with everything that I'd seen so far but I decided to give it a spin.


Wow.  What a fun game.


It's a combat focussed Action RPG where they seem to have gotten the formula just right.


The combat is like "Fable", the Cover System like "Gears of War" and the Coop System like "Enslaved" and "Resident Evil 5".


The game gives you a bit of an excuse for a quest and then sets you off fighting.


The need to micromanage an inventory of 100+ objects is scrapped in favour of you simply having to worry about your melee weapon, ranged weapon and shield and armour.


When you find a better one than the one you've got... pick it up.  It's so simple and works perfectly for the game.


The AI makes a better partner than in many other games and you can play with a mate either online or on the same console, split screen.


So "Gears Of War" with swords?


Not quite, but it's still a pretty entertaining package.


Don't let poor online reviews make your mind up for you.




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No thanks.

Metacritic gave this 62% so this means this game must be awesum guiz!1111one

Interesting. I was looking at this game, but the poor reviews did put me off a bit.  

The people i have spoke to said to stay away and it was dire.

i was looking forward to this but the reviews put me off... but i'm still tempted...is it worth a playthrough? Game are doing the £4.99 deal if you trade in LA Noire... and then they're doing the £4.99 deal for Duke Nukem if you trade in Hunted so that kind of tempted me too...

I have been tempted. this weekend to buy this, but there's lots arriving next Friday (not to mention its also my 40th birthday, so lots of money hopefully for buying games!!), so I'm holding on until it becomes cheaper.

Its not a bad game. And yes, the first thing I thought when starting to play it was, GOW. it is GOW but with swords and a bit of magic. And for me, that spoils the whole game. If I had known that before I bought it, I would never have touched it.

Just like GOW, it gets repetitive and boring very quickly, move to area, fight enemies, move to next, fight enemies, it has no depth what so ever, the graphics are very nice, as are the environments in most places.

The Coop really does get on your nerves also. Off they go, running into areas before you get to look around, really annoying.

I would tell anyone to rent it first, before buying it.

I'm playing it, but thats only because I paid full price for it. Very disappointed.

i think you might have made my mind up about it Whagi!

Been playing this most of this afternoon and tonight and it just gets better.


The real reason people compare this to "Gears Of War" is because Kotaku suggested it was similar and it uses the Unreal Engine.


Whereas "Bulletstorm" looks like the guys from Gears just changed their clothes if it wasn't for the big fat "Unreal Engine" at the beginning you wouldn't necessarily make the connection.


I'm not sure how Whagi managed to struggle with the AI.  In single player they are wonderfully unobtrusive and behave more like Tripp from "Enslaved" than Carmine in "Gears".


When they need to do their bit for a puzzle or to revive they're there and otherwise they're not in the way and letting you play your game offering just the right amount of support.


When you've got a buddy to play with things are even better.  The game isn't a clone copy of something else so there is a bit of a learning curve.  Also your characters are meant to be built up over time and you start pretty weak and will have a hard time with some enemies until you become stronger and different enemies require different approaches and if a certain character is maiming you stupid as you try and slug it toe to toe it might be time to try hitting him with a spell.


Really surprised at how good this is.  "Risen", "Two Worlds 2", "Gothic 4: Arcania", "Divinity II: The Dragon Knight's Saga" and all the other would be 'Dungeon Crawlers" have just been kicked to the back of the queue.


If you like dungeon crawling and kicking the crap out of enemies then this is a great game to pick up.


And if you're really nervous (and let's face it... I was) you could always rent it.


Lot's of game for your dollar here.



I really like it too, and I'm more of a gears fan than a fantasy fan. Definitely better than what the reviews are saying. A breath of fresh air, way better than something like Brink.

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