"Dynasty Warriors Gundam: 3" - Best DW Yet?

The only thing more entertaining than "people hitting other people" is of course, "people hitting other people with swords".


Now when you take that formulae and change it slightly to Giant Futuristic Mech Robots hitting other Giant Futuristic Mech Robots with swords you have a recipe for "Instant Win".


Traditionally what's been great about "Dynasty Warriors" games is leaping into a sea of hundreds of enemies and swathing through them like a hot knife through butter.


Traditionally what's been poor about "Dynasty Warriors" games is the formula is a bit repetitious.


"Dynasty Warriors Gundam: 3" might follow the typical Dynasty Warriors formula but it ads DOZENS of different Gundem suits to the mix and on top of that features 4 player ONLINE COOP.




Tons of missions, tons of upgrades, tons of characters, the ability to build your own Custom Gundam and online play make this the strongest outing for a Dynasty Warriors game in quite a long time.


If you love Gundam or Dynasty Warriors then definately get it.


If you're wary... rent and then you'll have a better idea what it's like.


Chances are you'll be pleasantly surprised.




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4 player online coop cool do you still fail if one of your partners die or can you revive them?

I love dynasty warriors games my current fave is fist of the north star

I ahve put this on my lovefilm list, i enjoy the DW series but not too sure about gundam.

Fist of the north star is awesome, made by the same company but not labelled as DW

I always wondered about that game but never looked into it. I have added it to my lovefilm list aswell

i love it so much so i am watching the anime, i've almost caught up in the anime as to where i am in the game.


"Fist Of The North Star" is an awesome addition to the Dynasty Warriors franchise.


When Kenshiro tells you Hokuto Shinko is invincible... the guy's not kidding.


This impressed the Japanese market with the graceful flow of Kenshiro's moves.  While some people (like the guys at IGN) think that a Dynasty Warriors game is all about mashing the X button, "Fist Of The North Star" is about stringing together Ken's combos which link up with very satisfying results and his finishers are just awesome to behold.


IGN tries to belittle "DW Gundam 3" by claiming that even though you can create your own Gundam and develop the stats you favour all you do is press "X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X.


That might get you through the first few levels but you won't progress far at all if you don't pick up on your combos, air attacks and supers.


Gundam has never looked as good.  I don't hink a Dynasty Warriors game has ever looked as good.  It's like controlling the anime itself.


Good fun and worth giving a bash.



yeah i've always liked the DW games but i never buy them brand new they seem to go down in price very quickly as there are so many series of it now. i even bought the new one on 3DS the other day and i'm loving it.

But i would deifnetly say that fist of the north star is the best game i have played in the DW series