Quirks hope MS fixes!

Hey guys, im just really curious has anyone heard any info on them bringing back voice messages because this typing stuff is gonna get a bit old quick. Also the lack of seeing people come online. Also can someone please explain to me how this new friendship works ( I am on a brand new XBL account i wanted to start fresh) is there not friendship requests anymore? Because i see add friend then it says i am following them so im a bit confused if someone can clear this up for me.

Last thing if you are on X1 and you just want some cool friends to game or just chat with feel free to add me i have COD atm and will be getting AC4, NBA 2k, and DR3 very soon. Im just a typical college student happy gaming everyone!!


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I also am a little bit annoyed that there are no friend online notifications anymore... hopefully they add it back, or at least make it an on/off option. Seems like it should be an easy implementation with all the other notifications they have in the options menu.

Yea im really hoping the features i mentioned get implemented pretty quick i mean no voice messages? No notifications for friends logging on. I really dont know how they would not put these 2 things in. Btw what games do you have Ahal? Just looking for some X1 friends to game with.

There is a fair bit of work to do on the notification side of things I feel. I am sure the friend thing will be implicated and also xbox.com and probably the 360 don't display anything One related on recent games/achievements. On the actual One console and Smart Glass seems to be the only way. Yet the One can see the 360 ones.

Playing Xbox One is all they see when you are online and not the game you are playing etc..

There need to be more settings period, why can't I just hit an icon to see who is online, where are voice messages, when will they fix the no voice rec issue for NZ and Skype.  How about a Youtube app and DLNA breakin so you don't have to launch video or music separately to play each type of media... Separately.  Why can't I play music without it snapped and eating my screen, can they not make it easier to see what is downloading and give options to pause etc.

Why do I have to 'let the game finish installing' every time I put the ghosts disk in.  How about DLNA browsing like the old one had and what is with the stupid Xbox watermark on all videos plaid through dlna.  How about the controls to put headset chat through the tv speakers or use Kinect as a headset.

Honestly the absolute bare bones seem to be running but so much stuff that I would expect is missing. Disappointed!