Quick turtle beach questions. Please Help!

Hey guys. A few quick questions. I have an older set of turtle beach's. the mic never worked from the day I unpacked it. Also they hook into the tv through the component cables. My questions are. 1.) Do the x42's work when playing the Xbox 360 with a HDMI cable or do you need to use the high definition component cables? 2.) what are the difference's between the x42's (The ones I'm looking at) and the x41's. 3.) is there any good sites or anyone on here that I can buy a set off for a good price. 4.) I want good wireless surround sound headphones. Is there a better one out there than the x42's in the same or lower price range? All questions are important to me but question 1 is the most important one to me if you only have time to answer one question. Thanks in advance!

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In the price range, probably not. And while I'm not a huge fan of Turtle Beach, going a different route with something like Tritton or Razer which are the only other companies really offering cheaper wireless options wouldn't be good since they underperform compared to Turtle Beach. Tritton headphones have a bad frequency response and the Razer Chimaera headphones use multiple drivers to give you 5.1 which surprisingly underperforms compared to other sets that simulate surround using only two drivers like your X42's

Now you say your mic never worked and you have them hooked into your TV. The reason you can't use your mic is because you have them plugged into the TV and not the Xbox meaning there is no way for them to communicate with the console. Now what you need which should have been provided with the headset is the toslink optical cable which is the only way you can achieve digital sound anyway. You also need to use the provided chat link cable that plugs into the controller. If you are using them through component, you are only getting 2 channel analog. The quality of analog vs toslink is like night and day and from the sound of it, you have them set up in the way you would the lower end X32's.

Depending on the model of 360 you have, connection options are going to be different. If you have something like the 360 slim where the toslink is built in, you can plug it right in. If you have an older model 360 such as the arcade, you are going to need an audio adaptor such as this. www.monoprice.com/.../product.asp While you can buy one at Gamestop or Best Buy, they are a bit more expensive but it all depends on whether or not you have the patience to wait for shipping.

So now unless you would be interested in buying something like the 300.00 Astro A50's, you should really keep what you have. But even with the A50's, when spending that kind of money, wired is actually a much better option in both quality and options since you could buy something like the Astro Mixamp and a pair of much better sounding Audio Technica ATH AD700's which are real audiophile headphones for cheaper than the A50's or the similar priced Turtle Beach or Tritton headphones. You would also need something like an 8.00 Zalman clip on mic since they are real audio headphones and not gamer headphones. The Astro A40 Audio System also is an option which is what I currently have and since the headphones come with the mixamp, I will always have the option for headphone upgrades instead of being stuck with the same exact headphones or spending another small fortune on another whole audio system. Now I know I went a little off topic with your price range but if you ever wanted to upgrade in the future, this is really the route you should take.

Sorry. I apparently read your post wrong and it appears you don't have the X42's. I'm assuming the X11's or X12's like I used to have. Unless you want to go the expensive option I mentioned, the X42's are only 125.00 on Amazon. Spend a little more and the XP500's which are much better are only 170.00 www.amazon.com/.../ref=sr_1_12

As I mentioned earlier, the differences between the X42's and even the XP500's vs the X41's are that they are Dolby Digital while the X41's are only 2 channel simulation. But out of Turtle Beach, I would definitely go with the XP500's since they are 7.1 and have a lot of features.

I would also like to add that the X42's only work on Xbox. XP500's work on Xbox and Playstation. I read another post you were in and like me, you might be going with the Playstation next gen. This means you have a much better chance at the XP500's working on the PS4 since Sony usually makes their hardware backwards compatible. It's not a gaurentee but is probable. If you buy the X42's you will 100% most likely have to buy a new pair for that console. When shopping for their headphones, their names represent what they work for. X means Xbox. P means Playstation. XP means both.

Murderstyle! You are the man. I really appreciate you're detailed feedback!


As for explaining why my mic doesn't work on my current turtle beaches ( Ear Force XL 1's) It isn't because I have them hooked up incorrectly as you mentioned. I have them hooked up exactly as you explained BUT the port where you plug in that cord doesn't work. It doesn't detect the cable. It came faulty when I boufght it and I was too lazy and rotted to go through the trouble of bringing them back. I should have explained that in the first post. That's my fault sorry.


Also I live in Canada and i can't get the xp 500's for anywhere near the price you mentioned. Even the x42's are tough to get close to the price you mentioned. I've looked all over the internet and close to 100 auctions on ebay and the best price i can get for the x42's with shipping included is $137.


i think I'm going to have to settle for the x42's as all the other options you mentioned though awesome and better options are just too expensive. But I really appreciate the feedback. One last question though. Are the Astro A40's wireless? I know wired are better quality but I hate wired headphones. It's the whole reason why I'm interested in the x42's. If you happen to come across any good deals please feel free to send me a private message - post it here - or even add me as a friend on xbox live.


Thanks again man!

No prob. Unfortunatly only the A50's are wireless which cost 50.00 more than the A40's and the mixamp is built onto the headphones instead of being a seperate unit. One thing nice about the A40's though is the wire is in the back of the headphone. There is also the more portable A30's but they too are wired. I just throw the wire back over my shoulder when playing and don't even know its there. It's not sitting in front of me. You can also look into the XP400's but are 5.1 instead of 7.1. Still kind of pricey but maybe you can find a deal. And if I do come across something, ill let you know.

Look up the TH Tangos as well. They are usually expensive but since they are a BO2 specialty item, I have see. Them on clearance rather cheap. They are even better than the XP500's.

TB Tangos I mean. Lol. Now I was watching a review and the X42 and XP400 has no sound difference. Just some differences on features such as Bluetooth capability with the XP400, swivel speakers and a few other things. X42's are also not completely wireless and you need to run the chat cable from the headset to the controller. So now whether you go with wireless X42's or expensive fully wired higher grade A40's or even A30's, you are still going to have a wire coming from the headset. Same with the A50's. Something to think about if you are not liking wires. I looked on the TB website and there is apparently a way to use them with other consoles and PC but requires a 30.00 USB adaptor for chat which can be purchased from their site. This will make them 100% wired on those setups though. Here is a full comparison of both headsets.


Thanks a lot for your detailed responses man. I think I'm going to go with the x 42's. They seem to be the best bang for buck.

actually nevermind. I think I'm going to go with the x400's over the x42's because there is a better chance they'll work with the new Playstation and M$ has been dragging their feet too much for my liking. No word on the new console yet; they seem to be more about selling ad space on xbox live now more than anything. I pay for gold, I should be able to get maps for free and not see ads. People who don't pay for it should then get *** and have to pay for new maps.

I also think they are focusing too much on the new kinect instead of the actual games and the actual hardware. Kills me to say it because I hate their controllers so much but I think I might be getting the new playstation