Quick review from what I've seen so far

I got my Xbox at lunch time so I've only tried out a few game and fiddled a bit, there are my thoughts so far.

I got the system on and ran the update in under 5 mins (I left the room during the green screen so I wasn't tempted to do anything stupid. The whole setup went well and I was up and running in no time. I put Forza 5 in and let it install whilst I fiddled and also scanned my Fifa 14 code, Fifa queued behind Forza and once forza was at 50% (it didn't take long) it was playable, forza then fineshed installing and fifa downloaded and installed in the background popping up to tell me it was done. Then I stuck AC4 in and let that install whilst I gave fifa a try, so I've not had to wait for a download\install all day really.

The controller is great and feels pretty much like the 360 one, the only tiny gripe I have is my finger ends up lying on the rough edge and is it me or is it a bit smaller? I like the new bumpers and in Forza they were great, it felt weird on Fifa howevr that is most likley because I've always played Fifa on PS before so it's completely new to me. I do love the rumble in the trigger buttons

The Kinect 2 is better than the first however voice control still seems really hit and miss to me, I find myself muting the volume and then saying commands otherwise I end up say "Xbox"  tons of times, and for some reason it gets worse when my Wife walks in the room (odd but it definatly seems to happen), and I've made about 50 attempts to load Assasins Creed IV by voice and it just won't do it. The camera is great and picks me up fine even though I sit so close I can tap the Kinect with my foot, I like the way it pans and zooms as you move about on skype and the QR code reading is so much better than typing numbers when the publishers actully bother to put a QR code on the card (I'm looking at you ubisoft). The IR blaster is great and picked up my TV fine, the only odd thing it doesn't do is turn it off which is really weird, it turns it on fine.

The HDMI passthrough works as expected with my Sky HD box which is fine but I would like the one guide soon, actually right now I want to change channel and the remotes over the other side of the room so that would be nice, I did enjoy playing Forza whilst watching the F1 practice snapped to the side this afternoon, I did notice a bit of a slowdown on the TV whilst snapped but that could have been the sky box playing up TBH. The only thing I haven't checked is if 3D on sky works with the HDMI passthrough, I'll try this during the footie this weekend.

As for the games Forza is stunning, the only thing I tried that I hated was the head tracking, it seemed to think I was leaning to the right all the time. Fifa is fifa and feels like any other but I love it so it's all good. I'm about to try Assasins Creed IV but it is insisting I sign into uplay and I've forgotton my details which is my only bug bare with the whole thing, I want to play Fifa I have to sign into origin, I want to play ACIV i have to sign into uplay, I'm already on Live why annoy us making us sign into all these other services.

Overall though I am delighted with it and looking forward to Xmas to get COD:Ghosts and Dead Rising 3 and I'm trying to stop myself running down town and buying Madden and Ryse.

Quick side not if anyone wants COD or Battlefield 4 sainsburys have them instore for £39.99 each!


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