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Are all games on xbox one going to be 720p just wondering. I'm not including forza in this

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UFC is 1080p, NBA 2K 14 is 1080p, NBA Live is 1080p ... so no.  not all games will be 720p.

What about titan fall or halo fps games and such

halo we have no idea yet not sure on titan fall i heard it was 720 but upscaled. if anyone knows better please chime in

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What about titan fall or halo fps games and such


It's rumoured that Titanfall is 720p, but that's it, just rumours.  As for Halo, nobody knows, but I guarantee, if there is one game that Microsoft will move hell and earth to be 1080p its Halo.

I'd hope in the remaining months they have to work on titan fall they can do better ( its no graphical showcase). As for Halo i'd imagine for better or for worse by the time that hits the resolutiongate will no longer be that much of an issue for the average consumer (early adopters fuel for the fanboy wars aside).

I'd imagine for quite a few games we'll see less than 1080p ala ryse etc. Thats not to say its purely a problem for the xboxone.


Here we go again...............

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Here we go again...............


Just imagine the forums every time a multi platform game hits, or there is a DF article. you sir are in for a treat.

For me, I couldn't care less about the resolution, yes its important (we want minimum 720p) but for me, I notice frame rate drops and effects far more than resolution.