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I have my Xbox and oc both connected via Hdmi cables to my monitor when using the Xbox and wanting to go online to check a strat location etc when I Hdmi input to my pc the Xbox dashboards going into like a sleep state thus taking me out of game once switching back have to restar game blah blah blah is there any way to change this besides dual monitors

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When you remove the HDMI cable from the Xbox 360, it loses its HDCP handshake connection with your TV. If you were doing something that requires this HDCP connection by the Xbox 360 (watching HD material, etc.) then switching it from the Xbox to your PC, the Xbox loses "focus" of your monitor and retreats to your dashboard.


Some displays are different and can keep any input that is in use, active. If I switch to my VGA input (my desktop) from my HDMI input (Xbox 360), the Xbox 360 will still have "focus" of my TV. The logic processors are different from Monitors to TV's of course.


If it's caused even when not viewing copyrighted material, then try disabling Display Discovery in the System settings. But again, it's all about copyright and that HDCP handshake.