Quick Battlefield 3 Question

Hi, Does anybody know what the age on the box will be for BF3, will it be a 16 like BFBC2 or an 18 like I dont know COD?

Just asking So I know how im going to actually purchase the game, 16=Midnight Release  18=1st timing using Shopto


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Probably not 18. I don't think they will want to limit their audience (going by some stuff they've said in interviews).

Game.co.uk (www.game.co.uk/.../battlefield-3-limited-edition-physical-warfare-pack-131794 3) shows it's 18 rated, however on the image TBC (To Be Confirmed).

Origin.com (store.origin.com/.../pbPage.battlefield3_EN_LE) shows the image 18.

If it's 18 on Origin then it probably is. Though ratings are dependent on region too.

id rather order from shopto as you get the game earlier anyway, people say they always get preorders at least a day early, although im not sure about black ops, apparently for black ops they were instructed to send it out monday for tuesday. And its also cheaper. you will pay 40 instore but only 37 on shopto, with you missing out on a few weapons which will be released later for free anyway.

That is true, I just wanted to see what the atmosphere was like on a midnight release.

I have heard nothing but praise from Shopto and thought,"Well If I want it early, lets try it", Say if I ordered it on Oct 17-18 and its released on the 28, would I still most likely get it a day before release?

oh yeah. they say on their website,  - Delivery:

If you pre-order Battlefield 3 Limited Edition before 12pm on Wednesday 26th of October 2011 we will guarantee that you will receive it by the release date of Friday 28th of October 2011, if you do not receive it we will compensate you with £3.00 on your shopto account

I remember going to MW2 midnight release at Asda, there was a queue of about 400 people. Then about 5 mins walk away, Argos stayed open and there was only about 7 of us waiting, so a good few hours saved.