Quick advice for my setup please!

Hi, my current problem is I want to connect my 360 to my 27" Samsung SyncMaster P2770 computer monitor. My only problem is the monitor doesn't have any built in audio so I need to connect my 360 to my Sony sound system as well. This is my plan and please help me so I don't make a stupid purchase. I'm going to use an HDMI cable to connect from the 360 to the monitor, then im going to go to frys electronics to purchase a digital optical cable and then connect the digital optical cable from my 360 to the other end ofmy sound system. The sound system is from about 2003 so HDMI is not an option, also my 360 only has one HDMI slot anyways. Will this work?


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Yes this will work as long as your receiver supports Dolby Pro Logic II or Dolby Digital 5.1 If you don't want to pay to much in southern California Monoprice.com cables are quality and cheap plus their next day delivery is the cheapest option if you live in certain areas almost anywhere near LA. $6  for the cable and shipping and a whatever tax on the cable you can get it tomorrow. Also if your receiver supported HDMI then the chain would be the HDMI goes into the receiver where it pulls the audio info and passes the video and audio signal through another HDMI cable to your TV. The receiver would need two HDMI ports one input and one output.

The other option would be the 360 VGA cable. It has the RCA audio on it, and also has the optical if you still wanted to go that way