Okay, so here are my two questions.


1: I recently ran out of my Gold subscription and went back to my offline profile. I disconnected the Xbox from the ethernet, and my Live profile's avatar looked just the same before I did. Then, when I turned it on today, the Live profile's avatar had several items taken off of it, ones that I had earned from playing a game. I went to put them back on but a ! symbol was there over where their picture should have been. I went into the Hard Drive, and they were there, no indication of being corrupted or anything, I just couldn't use them. Why is this?

2: I re-downloaded some DLC for a game that I had on my previous Xbox. The DLC was shared just fine between Live and offline profiles. Now, though, on my current box, only my Live profile has it and my offline one, which previously had access to it just fine, now does not. Why is this?


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Is this profile the same as your Xbox live one or did you create another one? Also if you earned the avatar gear on a different Xbox and are using a different profile did you transfer the license over to your current one? Have you tried to re download the avatar gear.

My first profile was offline. I made a Live profile, and earned avatar items from a certain game for that Live profile. I was using the same Live profile for both Xboxes. There would be no need to re-download the items as they are already there in my Hard Drive.

No one knows what this is?

You may need a connection to the internet.  (maybe not a gold membership but a connection) .     Games and DLC are ONLY available on the first console you purchased them on without a license transfer. (You still need an internet connection)   Maybe a topic in the support area will help you more.....     GOOD LUCK!!!!

Hm. Thank you. Though I wonder about the avatar items, atleast I got answer.

Yea let your Xbox connect and see if it fixes it. Good Luck

It didn't. I recently re-connected and the items that were gone from my avatar, unavailable to use but still there in the Hard Drive are now actually gone completely. They're not available as a choice in the avatar editor nor do they appear in the Hard Drive, as if they simply vanished.

Nevermind, I was able to recover them.