Now I play on all systems PS3/360,wii I know I have low internet speed but my question is why is my latency so high. It says 114ms. I play on computer and its no where near that I get maybe high as 65 ms ping. The other question is with the latest update says that i can plug in up to a 2 tb hdd and save and play games. Is this true because I thought it was limited to 32gb usb.


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The update did indeed increase the external storage space to 2tb, its no longer limited to 32g.

The other question, i have no clue.

Ok is there any special way to run the 2 tb hdd or do I need to format it or just buy a usb 2.0 hdd?

I have only tried a 120gb drive myself up to now.

I simply re-formatted it to clear some sectors i added and it worked as soon as i plugged it in.

It was already formatted to FAT32, and i am not sure if that is needed any more.