Questions regarding xbl experience (mainly for indian users)

Hey guys.

Well I recently bought an xbox. And im planning to go gold.

But before I do that. I want to ask a few questions regarding it.

1. What internet speed shall I have to have a lagg free experience?

Currently running a 4mbs connection. Planning to go for 16mbs.

2. Is voice chat support there for India?

3. Do you experience alot of latency playing on US servers ?

Is it bearable?

Pleasr help me out here.


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Hey Captain Galba,

Congrats on buying an Xbox.   When you go gold remember that there are numerous ways to pay for Gold.  Monthly, 3 months, or yearly.

1.  I used to run 15mbs and it was working fine with Lagg free problems.  Lagg issues are directly because of each persons own personal Internet Provider so it has nothing to do with you.  As long as your internet does good then you will just have to deal with other peoples bad internet.

2.  Yes there is voice chat support for India.  For pretty much everywhere now.  

3.  I don't experience latency issues all the time with US Servers, but there are times where there are issues.  You just have to push through.  It is bearable, but again just push through because you will come to a point where everything works out.

Hope this helps.

There is lag in all games. Some developers are just better at hiding it than others. If you want the best possible speeds though, always use a wired connection.

So on the same concept that u mentioned, how would you say mw3 is?