questions about forza 5

so i dont generally play racing games, the last i played was grand turismo 2 and need for speed underground 2.

i just want forza to race and buy my dream cars and upgrade them. do you think the gaming would become boring fast for someone who just wants to buy / customize cars more then race in the game?

also will you beable to customize the cars you get for preordering?


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If your into customizing then this is the game for you. The paint editor in forza is sensational if you have the time to muck around with it. Any cars can be customised. I evn had my own real life Number plates on my cars in F3

You are somewhat limited with customisation as far as body kits and ridiculous neons and such from the (good) need for speeds go. but in Forza by no means can you not recreate a car of your dreams. Give it a few days, and check the design storefront or something you'll see replica cars and cars pasted in whatever that look fantastic. The costly parts are performance parts but paint is usually free. You will be right at home if you like looking at cars more than racing, although you will have to.. you know.. race as that is the fun of the game! you can also sell your designs to make money to spend on others so if that's more you go for it. personally this is a must get for any car fan.

Ever since I played FM2, I've been hooked on the series & as a result I now have a much deeper appreciation for cars than I used to. The game actually taught me a lot of things about cars that I didn't know.

I hadn't bought a game since PGR3 and I bought Forza 4, I wasn't much into gaming around that time, but I just liked it because I could drive around the Swiss alps and things, was actually quite relaxing, but you can mod and things yes.

It's definitely the king of racing games out there for physics and the game is always stunning, I thought Forza 4 looked great, but then I saw Forza 5, and Forza 4 looks terrible now I notice a lot of imperfections lol

I agree with you Dark.The biggest reason im a fan of forza is because its relaxing to me.I can just drive around the track and enjoy myself.Its the most stress free game i have ever played.I too love to paint the cars and add parts.The online auction is fun to mess with also.

Stress free! Ha! You've never apparently played it online then, have you? I never win online... :(

For me Forza is all about the handling... I really enjoy the grip levels and weight transfer you can feel... It leaves Gran turismo for dead at the moment...

Lol ya geek im talking bout career mode.I dont play it much online cause i can count the times on one hand how many times people ran a clean race.Most of the time online some joker does his best to hit everything and everybody on the track.

Forza is miles better than GT...

My favorite Forza paint-job came with Forza 2.  I needed an Audi for a specific race I wanted to do.  I didn't own one, so I checked the Auction House.  I bought a decent one and decided to race it.  Turns out, someone had "painted" in great detail all over the car, images of a certain part of the female anatomy.  (The southern region, if you will.)   I laughed for a good 5 minutes when I saw it.  I think I took an in-game picture of it, and while I don't have Forza 2 anymore... I would like to get the game again just to see if the car is still in my "garage."