i just had a power surge and i was on my xbox 360 slim. it is however plugged into a surge protector.  i was just wondering if my xbox was damaged and how to tell if it was?


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well if it turns on and plays games fine and doesn't make any weird noises I think its fine.

If it works then it works not much to it. I will go ahead and mention that plugging the console into a surge protector is not recomended and if it were to break and you mention how it was plugged into a surge protector Microsoft "COULD" decline a repair for not following their guidelines. So further use is up to you but I would recommend against it.

You can also take a look at your power supply light.  If it's anything other than orange (when powered down), or green (when it's powered up), like ... red, then you've probably got a problem.

I don't own a slim model, so I can't verify this 100%.  That's how it would be on a larger model at least.

I had a power surge and funny enough, the Xbox stayed on, the TV and cable box cut off.