why cant xbox live be like ps3 with free membership cause that way people wont have to waste money buying memberships.


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$35.00 dollars a year is hardly a waste of money IMO.


There are these things called jobs. You can earn money through these "jobs", and with this "job money" you can buy things and stuff, like Xbox memberships. And if one is smart about using this "job money" they can pay less for things than they usually are.

OK. Now, don't anyone get their panties in a bunch, as this is MY personal opinion. At one time, I really enjoyed my Gold membership. "Back in the day", when gamers had fun, socialized through the game with each other, etc. Now, I see a lot of verbal "abuse", cheating, people quitting during the game, etc.

     Recently used a 14 day Gold code (from Halo 4), and thought, "ok, I'll play on-line for these 14 days and see how it is." Sad to say, I just can't justify the Gold membership. It's not the money, because I think the price could be well worth the "fun" time one could have on Xbox Live.

 My issues are: When you avoid someone (and I avoid A LOT of players), don't match me up with them ANYMORE! I may play 6-8 hours throughout the day. I don't want to play with these people later during the day, nor anytime "down the road".

      Make the games/servers where NO ONE can cheat! Surely programmers today can fore-see, anticipate, players cheating and take action BEFORE people can cheat. I'm talking about modded avatars, modded gamerscore, obnoxious/offensive gamertags, lag switches, lagging in general, exploiting "glitches", etc.

       I have seen so many "offensive" gamertags lately. How do they make it through the "filters"? I was playing with 2 people a few days ago with VERY offensive tags, got hold of Xbox enforcement through on-line chat, and voiced my opinion. I was VERY pleased with this contact, and the results that followed. ( a tag that expresses "illegal" *** with children, should NEVER have been able to make it through the filtering system).

       I am a VERY competitive player. I love to win and strive to be the best I can be. I also love to have fun (as many of us have/did in the past). But things seem so un-balanced anymore. I abide by the COC and TOU. The only time I use a mic is when I notice my team talking/strategizing towards working the objective of the game.  I have no fun when someone is cheating, ruining my game experience in some im-mature way (singing, cursing, trash talking, etc.), or any other "dirty" play.

     Just my personal opinion........... (I just noticed a three letter word that the "filter" wouldn't let me use! Why can't the filtering system work when it comes to gamertags?).

Why do people buy an xbox and then complain about paying for gold?

Surely you knew when you bought it you had to pay,why not go for the ps3 in the first place?

Deja Vu......................

I'm so confused. All this talk about lag switches..... I have yet to find any switch anywhere called a lag switch.

I don't think you looked terribly hard then.  I just googled it and found more answers than I expected, including a tutorial on how to build one (which I have zero interest in doing, for the record).