Question: Will any HDMI cable work for the Xbox One?

Question: Will any HDMI cable work for the Xbox One? I know it comes with one since I have one but if the one that comes with it misses up can any one work with it?


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Yes. Depending on how you configure the Xbox One, you might want to make sure the HDMI cable is High Speed certified, however.

correct. any hdmi cable will work.

Any HDMI cable will work.   They just recently ratified the new standard of 1.4  so the cables are as follows:

As of the HDMI 1.4 specification, these are the following cable types defined for HDMI in general:]

Standard HDMI Cable – up to 1080i and 720p

Standard HDMI Cable with Ethernet

Automotive HDMI Cable

High Speed HDMI Cable – 1080p, 4K, 3D and deep color

High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet

So you don't NEED to purchase a High Speed HDMI cable, but it would be best for the future if / when the Xbox One goes to 1080p or 4k.  

Gnerally, yes.

A lot of the HDMI cables you see are 28AWG (size/thickness) If you are running all of your xbox360/xboxone/bluray player into a home theater receiver then into your tv. you might want to look at 24AWG HDMI cable. a lot of friend's I know had problems with HDMI handshake and switching to 24AWG helped

Thicker gauge wiring is unnecessary. If an HDMI cable causes problems with handshake and/or video and audio transmission, and is High Speed certified, it is faulty or not made to the same specs as the samples submitted for ATC testing and certification. If switching HDMI cables helped, it was probably overall build quality and tolerances that did the trick, not the wire gauge.


Generally, there is good reason to stay away from upmarket brands but buy from reputable dealers. That way you can get noname HDMI cables from the big Chinese manufacturers which follow spec, and at a reasonable price. The tolerances in making HDMI interconnects are tight enough that sloppily made interconnects will give poor yields, and may not be profitable unless sold in a shady fashion. Making the interconnects as high quality as possible is a must for most manufacturers, or they'll lose contracts.


It's quite different from the analog days where a poorly made interconnect could work but give poor quality, with HDMI it's either perfect or a complete mess.

After the 1408 update my Xbox One was not getting a tv signal.  So, I did what I usually do and did a hard reboot.  It would always work in the past but not this time.  So, to troubleshoot the HDMI cable and so my wife could watch her tv, I plugged in the cable box to the tv but got NO audio and only 480 video.   I then tried switching to another HDMI cable and I got audio and 1080 on the tv.  I did not have to time to go back and set up the XB1.

I was just curious if that happened to anyone else where the cable started malfunctioning.

Bobazoid1, what happened there is that as soon as your TV and cable box were not communicating the cable box was repeatedly trying to switch resolutions to see which would work with your TV. When you unplugged and plugged straight into your TV the cable box was already set to that funky resolution. If you were to change the resolution in your cable box or just reset it by unplugging and plugging back in, you may be able to use any of your HDMI inputs again.

I agree though, after the update my TV has been a lot more touchy. I've had to do the hard reboot on the XBone and even that was annoying. But now it's not working at all after tinkering with the cables. They shouldn't be this touchy though so I'm thinking I just need to upgrade my cables. I've had these for years so it would make sense that I need High Speed ones to do all the commands and route my cable box through my XBone.


As a late my Xbox one will go to a black screen and then come back on. I have tried to change HDMI cords but none seem to give me a signal. Yet if I plug the HDMI cord that came with it back in the Home screen appears. After about 30 seconds or so it begins to Flash the screen between a black screen and whatever I may have been doing at the time. Some days it will be fine, I can play a game and it works just fine, But if I try to watch Netflix or a video in general it will start acting up.

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