Question regarding my network pingtest results with xbox 360 on vs off.

I apologize, as I am sure this will need to be moved to a different sub-forum. My phone is not allowing me to get to the network forum for some reason.

Here is my question/comment: When my Xbox 360 is turned off, my pingtest results are pretty bad by gaming standards. Most reently, I had a ping time of 58ms, with a "jitter" value around 28, and 0% packet loss, giving my network an overall grade of a B.

When I turned my Xbox 360 on (not playing a game, just on and idle), my results were pretty impressive by my standards. With Xbox on, I received a ping value of 28ms, a "jitter" value of 2, with 0% packet loss, for an overall grade of A.

Whu does having my xbox on result in such a drastically different pingtest? Is it because of the ports that I have opened for an "open"nat type?


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