Question Regarding Moving from 360 to X1

I plan on trading in my 360 Pro Console tomorrow morning at Best Buy before Amazon brings me my Xbox 1. I was just wondering should I completely erase the hard drive before I trade it in or will that mess up any transferring of content to Xbox One later in the day ? Thanks and happy X1 eve!

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As for your gamertag being on your Xbox One, it has no bearing on whether it's on your previous Xbox 360. Feel free to wipe the hard drive before you trade it in and you can download your account on your Xbox One.

Great question!

I would go ahead and erase any data before you take it into Best Buy just to make sure none of your information is shared when it is resold. It will not mess up transferring content to the Xbox One as your Gamertag, Achievements, and Friends List will all transfer over. Game Saves/Data will not carry over. So if you're ready to dispose of it, you're okay to delete it!

Thanks guys! So freakin hyped!

Wipe the drive!!!

May I ask why you are trading it in?  If it still works... use it...

maybe he wants the money?

Thought about keeping it, but figured $100 gift card for a Pro with only 20gb hard drive was a pretty good deal. Don't think I'm gonna use it again despite the backlog of games (Talking to you Dishonored & Sleeping Dogs)