question here on quick play?

Whats quickplay for? Unless I am overlooking something there is no way to add or delete items in it. Even when I create a new account it still has the same things in it. Which btw I haven't played in like months. >?> So what is it's purpose, because atm it's pointless.

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Its a quick way to access things like demos or arcade games you have downloaded.

if you want to delete them you need to remove the games from your hard drive.

if you want to add to it you need to buy more arcade games or download more demos from the marketplace.

I use the quickplay feature for things like Netflix & ESPN, since it's much more of a hassle to go over to "My Apps" and find it there.  Just an easier way to go about it, and yes... there are games like Frogger in there which I haven't touched in years.  It shows the list as most recently played/viewed to last.

Is there a way to clear quick play??

As far as I know, there is no way to clear quck play. It is essentially the same thing as your "recently played" folder (which also, cannot be deleted/edited).

I find it extremely useful for booting up current arcade games that I am playing. It seems to benefit me more than others I would imagine, as I have hundreds of XBLA downloads. If I simply go to my arcade games, I have to wait several minutes for the list of games to load.

Like others have said. It's a list of recently used or downloaded items. If there are items that are frequently used, it's a tool to access them without having to go to another screen. I use it pretty often myself.