Question for XBOX Security Team regarding Pre-paid Card Tracking.

XBOX Security Team,

I got my credit card stolen and my e-mail hacked, so someone could purchase 4000 Microsoft points from a 3rd party website (NEWEGG).  So the pre-paid card number was sent to my e-mail and since my email was hacked, they were able to read the pre-paid card number and apply it to their account.

My credit card company will pay for the charges and send me a new card, so I am not interested in being reimbursed.  However I am interested in if you can track the pre-paid card to the account it was applied to.  If that is unable to be done, I would be curious as to why and would like to suggest that as an idea.  I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this and there is probably a valid reason why it can't be done, but If pre-paid card numbers were tracked to accounts it would eliminate quite a bit of fraud because you could just shut down the account immediately.

If a security team member could e-mail me with an answer that would be appreciated.  Thanks!


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No one from Microsoft is going to see you here.


I'd say open a case with Support, but you're not the police and you're not a credit card company investigating fraud. They're not just going to take you at your word and tell you what account a 5x5 code was applied to.