Question about Xbox 360 S Warranty

I just want to make sure if this is exactly what it means. I got this from this website 

This got me puzzle a bit

"My console has three flashing red lights or an E74 error. Is this covered by warranty?

The warranty period for three flashing red lights and the E74 error is three years from the original purchase date of the console. If your console is out of the three-year warranty period, you can still receive console repair service for a fee."

So basically what it saying is if I got my xbox in 2011, 3 years after that will be 2014 so even tho I renew my warranty all the time after 2014 and I have the 3 flashing red lights and the E74 it cant be fixed because it already passed 3 years from the original purchase date...So what is the point to really renew it after 3 years because thats the major problem in xbox of having E74 and and three flashing red lights...Idk if you guys get the way im pointing out here


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The original 360 was discontinued in 2010. While it may still be possible to find original consoles new in box, the warranty is from the date of manufacture.


The 360 S has no extended three year RRoD warranty. It just has the regular 1 year warranty.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh wow never mind im soo stupidd i have xbox 360 S i dont know why i looked at that section but for xbox 360 S as long you still in waranty they can fix everything no matter what right, am i correct?

Yep, as long as you have the 1 year warranty it will cover anything that happens during that initial year. I know retailers also sometimes offer their own warranties after that where if anything breaks they will give you a new unit.

xbox also offer their own warranties as long as you currently are in warranty

also they tend to be cheaper then 3rd party warranties

depends on your region click support and warranties there is info on the site based on your region

You can buy an extra two years of warranty I believe.    

[quote user="NadoHawk6"]You can buy an extra two years of warranty I believe.[/quote]The last time I checked, the site lists one can re-up the warranty for up to three years, however I have a Halo 3 console which has had its warranty extended three times (2yrs, 1yr, 2 yrs). It's covered until mid-december, 2013.

A little clarification here; The warranty on a new console starts on the date of purchase, not the date of manufacture.