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I'm sorry if I'm posting this on the wrong forum but anyway I am. I was wondering weather I could become an XBL ambassador if I had been given a forced gamer tag change over a year ago, I've looked around on past forums and they say that you can apply to become one after a year but I don't know weather this still applies or not. Could somebody please answer my question I would really appreciate it.

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I'm pretty sure you can apply if you didn't do anything too serious, like hack a game or something like that. Other then that, if was only minimal, I'm sure you can apply.

You can apply, they might accept you. I applied about an hour ago. I hope they let me, I know have had a few disciplines in the past, but I was an immature child, i'm 17 now, almost 18, i have grown up. Hopefully they don't hold a grudge on me, because I'm not the child I used to be. And I know my stuff about Xbox, if I don't know something and call customer support odds are they don't even know how to help me lol (not trying to brag) I just know what i'm talking about when it comes to Xbox because i have experienced almost every problem there is lol i'm on my third 360 for crying out load!

Thanks for the reply, i will apply anyway and see what happens

I don't think you'll get accepted if you've committed any serious offenses within the past year.