Question about the new Zombies video on the dashboard

I had a question that's been bugging me. Who exactly would be the best source to go to in order to find out what music was in the new Mob of the Dead video? Should I go ask xbox because it's a video on the dashboard? Should I ask Treyarch because it's a video for a Treyarch-made dlc? Should I ask Activision because COD in general is central to Activision?

I just want to find a way to have the metal-sounding song that they featured about halfway through when they started showing off the thompson without the voiceovers and game audio from the video.


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Try tweeting david vondahar he may reply he may not

Thank you. That's the closest thing to any form of an actual lead I've gotten. I remember tweeting the guy (can't remember most of his name, I remember Hyrb or something like that but that's about it.) who did the Inside Xbox videos about the song name when it was featured in the Call of the Dead video, and never got any response.

Just did it, hopefully he'll be able to tell me