Question about the new Xbox One parties, powered by Skype


I never really found a solution to my question, and hopefully asking about it here could shed some light on it. I really hope it works this way, but I may be wrong:

We all know the new Xbox One parties are powered by Skype, and is supposed to ensure more stability, voice quality, etc. Given that this is Skype, I am wondering if the parties are limited to only users using Xbox One, or if normal Skype users and Xbox One users can all endure in the same party. This would mean the people on their Xbox's would be in the party and the people on just Skype (like on a computer) would be in the same party or "conference call."  Please note that I am not talking about the one-to-one Skype video calls that use Kinect; I am talking about a strictly voice chat type of party.

I hope the new parties work like this, and if not possibly give the ability to do this in the future, as I have friends that wont be getting an Xbox One (at least for a while) and we'd still like to communicate with each other and not have multiple systems/programs on to do this.

If you have any knowledge of this matter and maybe have some input on this idea feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading!


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I'm actually not 100% the parties are "powered by skype", I think Skype is a stand-alone app on Xbox One and parties are something else, but then others believe they are powered by Skype, I haven't seen anything to show that Skype handles parties.

Check this link:

In this article it answers your doubt about chat being powered by Skype, but still unfortunately comes short of answering my question :/