Question About the Disc Drive in the Xbox One

This is probably a dumb question, so I apologize in advance.  Is it possible for a dirty lens in the Xbox One drive to cause a misalignment between the video and audio of a game?  Silly, I know, but you guys know more about this than I do.  Could somebody please humor me and explain why this would not be possible?  Thanks in advance.


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It is more likely the software. From what I understand audio sync issues have been experienced by quite a few people.

Are you connected directly to a TV or via reciever? Is this only on disc based games or digital downloads aswell?

I was getting audio sync issues over hdmi into my soundbar through tv arc mode, I just added 2 ms delay through the tv to put into sync

Actually this is more of a general question.  I'm not having any issues I was just trying to understand better how the disc drive works.  Does the audio and video get scanned simultaneously?  Is there a way that a flaw with the lens could cause a malfunction in their alignment?  My gut tells me no, that if the lens is dirty, it won't be able to read the disc is all.  Am I right on this?

All games in your Xbox One are read from the Hard Drive after the initial install so the simple answer to the question is no. Any sync issues could come from various places but it has been a common problem and can sometimes be easily fixed through settings.

I used the good ol' way to fix it, put the xbox on the carpet upside down and hit the bottom a few times near where the drive is, ironically that fixed it. According to the interwebs some of the mechanical parts in the drive are not placed in fully, I was surprised when that fixed all my drive problems.