Question about suspended accounts.

So I recently, about 5 days ago, made a purchase through xbox live and it seemingly went through and it began downloading with no problems whatsoever. Today I received an email from Microsoft threatening to "suspend" my account for this purchase because they were "unable to charge my credit card" even though my purchase went through immediately. When I made the purchase I had a fair amount of money on the card and since then I've moved and had to pay out for some movers and stocked up on a fair amount of groceries for the upcoming week so money is pretty tight at the moment until I get paid Friday. I guess my first question is why would my purchase go through if they aren't going to charge me when I actually make the purchase to begin with and since there's nothing I can do about it until Friday what do they mean by "suspend my account" do they mean not letting me use my gold membership until this is paid or do they mean not letting me sign in at all? Any help would be appreciated

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You should check with your bank first. It sounds as if the purchase went through on Microsoft's end but then your bank refused the transaction later. You should also give your local support line a call to see if they can help


Suspend your account means that they'd block your from accessing LIVE until any outstanding balance is paid.

Give support a call for account issues....

You probably had insufficient funds on your card. You should constantly check your bank account to see what you have.