Question about signing out of live

I was wondering if there is any way to sign out of Xbox live from my computer. I let my friend borrow my account and I don't want to let him use it anymore but don't want to tell him and hurt his feelings. I know if I recovered it than it would work, but I don't have an Xbox right now so I can't. Is there any way to do this?


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It is not possible. Loaning your account to anyone is never a good idea.


Never mind I figured it out, oh and yes it is possible. You have to go to account management and then profile protection and it will sign out anyone on your account anywhere and require you live ID password to get back on.

It's not like he stole it or anything or would do any harm, he has just had it for months and I was going to let someone else use it. Since he has a ton of money and my other friend is broke I am going to let the poor friend use it instead.

Awesome! Like the new features.


Yea it's actually a sweet idea, and it's funny that I never needed it before and now I did and it was available.