Question about resolutions. Battlefield related.

BF3 on the 360 wasn't at 720, but was at 704. There are rumors that BF4 on the XBOX One will possibly be at 720. With the XBOX One possibly only being at 720 will it look that much better than than what it will look like on the 360? If so, how? Will the detail be higher? People always talk about resolution, but I never hear anything about detail settings. Aren't detail settings important also even though we can't adjust them on console? Someone please explain.

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It will be much higher than 720p up scaled to 1080p at 60fps. DICE will make it as good as the X1 will allow. Expect it to look between medium and high settings for PC.

Until someone sees BF4 running on an Xbox One noone knows. It's possible they left all the graphical bells and whistles turned on and just adjusted the resolution until they got a smooth framerate but it's also possible they adjusted everything in proportion. But unless DICE announces what thye did and until someone sees it running on an Xbox One no one will know for sure. My guess though is there will still be a gain when going to Xbox One. But BF3 was already at quite a high standard on 360 so where to from there? Also remember the total player count which is where the xbox one will gain the most.