Question about migrating from a fat 360 to a slim

I just purchased a  slim 360 and would like to migrate from my fat 360 to the new one. Is there a guide that goes over the areas that you need to address for the tranfer?

Like do I really need to transfer my data on my old 360 to the new one using the data cable "kit"?

I've read about the content license transfer method and thats fine by me but my live subscription will be ending soon and re-uping as well. How can I make sure that my live subscription gets transferred?


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The transfer-kit is the easiest method for sure. Frankly, I'm not positive if the newer kits will transfer your gamertag with the rest of your content. Your best bet there is to store your gamertag on a USB stick.


So store my Gamertag on a stick and then transfer it?

Your Live subscription is tied to your gamertag, not your console.

You may wish to transfer over your save game files.

The best option is to manually copy over your save game files from System Settings, Memory. You can do this either from the old drive to the new system  (cancel all the transfer dialogs that pop up when connecting the old drive), or use a USB flash drive and create a USB Memory Unit on it, then Copy or Move everything to that.

When I bought my new 360, I had to buy the transfer kit. The chick at Gamestop transfered it for me in the shop. It took like 10 mins. Haven't had a problem. It's been over a year now.

Like Icestorm III said, your Live account is tied to your gt, not your console. I go back and forth from the US to Ireland several times a year. I bring my HDD and plug it into someone elses 360 and hop on LIVE with no problems at all.


Keep in mind the transfer process MOVES all content from one storage device to another, it doesn't COPY. The distinction is that Move DELETES the source device's content after the Move process completes.

This is a problem. New storage devices, be they brand new flash drives, new internal 250GB HDDs included with new consoles, or new 320GB accessory HDDs, are susceptable to failure. It's the standard bell curve scenario - a bunch fail early on, then failure rates drop off. If you Transfer content, your original copy on your known good storage device is deleted. Now you're in a situation where you're completely reliant on the new storage device, a device that hasn't gotten past its initial break-in period.

I recently backed up my master USB Memory Unit save game files to one of my console HDDs. It took me about 15 minutes to Copy my 30 or 40 individual game save files. That 15 minutes means I don't end up crying at having lost seven-odd years of save game file history should my new storage device fail next week.

Don't use the Transfer dialogs. Manually Copy the content you want from one device to another. Use Move as a last resort option.