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Hey, I just purchased a 360. Wanted to play all the old games I've not played or missed due to leaving console gaming a while back due to lack of time etc.

Anyway, while creating my account I noticed I was offered a free month trial of Live, but I skipped that part and thought would deal with signing for Live later just wanted to get the account stuff done first.

Anyway, I can't now seem to find the free Live trial option that I was offered and it says I can only pay if I want a month.

How do I get the free month now then? The option was there during signing up for my account but now it's not? I'm confused? I would rather trial it first before siging up to somethign I don't even know if I would want. Thanks for any info.


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You turned down the one time offer.

You wont get offered it again

Dam. OK thanks mate. What do you get with gold then? Do they do free games like the PS3 does?  Don't want to pay £6 a month until I know what it is.

You get a couple of free games a month but generally older titles than PS+ offer on their sub. You will need gold to play multiplayer games if that's your thing.

You do get to keep the free games if your account goes silver again

Can't offer how to get a month but how about a 7 day Gold trial? It wont let you download the free Games for Gold but you'll be able to play online and use the Gold exclusive apps.

Go to and enter [quote]M95MN[/quote] as the code.

Enter name, fake if you want, and say you aren't a LIVE member. As long as the email address is valid you'll get sent a trial code.

Tell you what mate I just got a 3 month gold code from one of my ambassador challenges your welcome to it will send you it in a message. Welcome to the community. You will enjoy it here

Top man Viral!  a fine gesture of XBOX solidarity!

That is a very nice gesture! Nice one buddy! Very kind of you indeed!

Wow Viral I was not expecting such a thing. I honestly don't know what to say other than thank you. The fact that you don't know me and we never met yet you do something like this is really inspiring.

I hope this random and unexpected act of kindness is given back to you through karma at some point in your life. Respect mate

Viral told me he gave away his 3 months. Nice gesture. :)

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