Question about external storage

Am I right in assuming that once we get support for it.. it would be as easy as opening a file... moving a game from internal to external to make room .. then moving one game from external to play.. same as we would with a flash drive/memory card on a pc?

I know we will not be able to play direct from the external... that is a given..


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I'm thinking it will be that easy.

supposedly you can play from the external drive as usb3.0 is fast enough for that, I think the drive will act the exact same as the internal one and can be used the same just formatted differently so it cannot be used on a pc.

Hard to tell,without official words for it.....

U guess it will depend on MS and how they do it... but I am sure USB3 is not faster than reading it directly from the HDD is it?

I envision...  going to my friends...  plug in the 1tb drive... copy & move BF4 TF Peggle and Forza.. getting to friends... and as simple as dragging a photo from a file to HDD.. move the entire game...and play

Maybe 10 years from now.. have one external (Sports) one (FPS) one (Fav)

on average you can get about 50 maybe 60 Megabytes per second transfer rate on usb3.0 on a box standard pc with a 3 foot cable I know I have tried, in real world term for a 2.5" hdd directly connected you get 75 - 90 Megabytes per second it can do faster but not with other things running, so in theory 50Megabyes per second should be fast enough for a game to run fine from.  maybe get a slightly slower loading time but I can live with that, as long as the loading times don't go back to the way they were off tape, I had a game that took 45 minutes to load.

There are currently three speed modes defined by the latest USB 3.0 specification. They are SuperSpeed, Hi-Speed and Full-Speed.

The new SuperSpeed mode has a transfer rate of 4.8Gbps. While the specification retains Hi-Speed and Full-Speed USB mode, commonly known as USB 2.0 and 1.1 respectively, the slower modes still operate at 480Mbps and 12Mbps respectively and are kept to maintain backward compatibility.

Should be plenty fast to play direct from external. A 3.0 flash drive will max out at 70MBs per second.

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I transfer files all the time on my Seagate 3TB and get around 190MB/sec transfer.  And when transferring to my SATA3 drive internal, I only get around 200MB/sec, so its very close.