Quatum break protagonist change

What do you think about the new look of the protagonist, personally i prefer the original character.


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I think he looks great. Eeach actor they have now is talented so I'm even more excited for this game after the latest gameplay reveal.

If I remember correctly, they didn't change the protagonist. Sam Lake said the person they showed as the original Jack Joyce is another character in the game. Either they had yet to finalize the contract with Shawn Ashmore and had yet to film the mo cap with him, or simply had to get a demo/trailer out and they simply used what they had. He was pretty much a place holder.

Here's the link I read that in.


"Sean Durrie, whose character model we used in the original trailers and whatnot, is still in the game, he's just playing a different character. A lot of this has to do with just how long it takes to create a high-res character model and actually get it working properly in the game; sometimes you gotta go with what you've got in order to be able to show stuff in the first place. I know it's not ideal, but so it goes.

As for Alan Wake, well... he is modeled after someone on TV."

personally i think he fits better for jack joyce than iceman,

The new actor did pretty well as Iceman overall, but was not necessarily spectacular either, so I for 1 am curious to see how well he does within the digital world of all places. The only concern I have is his overall appearance - he seems kind of short and in the trailer it looks like he's wearing pants from the 1960's (greaser style). While weird, it is a game about manipulating time, so who knows?

As for the other characters, I'm super-excited to see the other 2 - Dominic and that guy who played Littlefinger in Game of Thrones. I'm particularly interested in finding out how the latter of the 2 fits into the story.

i would have preferred "no name" actors personally, so without knowing more about Sean Durrie's acting ability, it could have been amazing, or a complete failure, but i guess even using the big names won't guarantee an amazing performance, see Peter Dinklage in Destiny.

from what i saw with Sean Durrie, i was sold, but now there is a different salesman trying to sell me the same product... color me cautiously optimistic now.

U got that right gg he deems short for the role

Doesn't matter....

It's not like they change/switch my main character during my playthrough.....

So i'm fine. :)

Also,new generation of actors got no meaning for me,i don't know these guys and girls.

So I'm a little confused because there's no link and pictures and I don't follow games religiously because I like some things to be surprise. Are we saying that Iceman is no longer the main actor? This confuses me because he was just at gamescon? Or is he the one that replaced the other?

I don't think it's bad to have actors that have established themselves, especially with this kind of game/TV type thing.

Ps I have to say, I'd never put my money on Dinklage to even act, let alone provide a main voice in a game that you'll hear over and over, seems like a really stupid choice to me, haha.

Ice man is the one that replaced the other face we had seen the previous Gameplay. Im fine with the change. I think its a solid move and only made it look better.

Dinklage, IMO, is a good actor, but he's mostly a character actor and is often typecast into the role of either a) rich small person, b) medieval dwarf, or c) a wash out.

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