Okay microsoft and any administrators reading this, something needs to be done. I have been an Xbox supporter for years and now I've just about had it. I've payed for live which is unessacery. I pay 60 damn dollars for you games and I have bought 3 xboxes in my days never had a problem until when, now with the Xbox s. Yup the new one! And I'm pissed. Xbox you lost me at next consol generation because your quality with hardware ubsurd. My power brick constantly buzzes and makes a very loud noise. I am so sick of this and I find out its not under warranty, so only way I'll ever consider switching back is if I get a free power brick from Microsoft for my own that is terrible. But if not I'll be waiting for the ps4 to come out and I will not consider the 720 because if thy don't care about quality+their customers then why should I Pay extra to play online. Sincerly AWOL untitled

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microsoft or administrators don`t visit here,its a forum.

your only option is to ring customer support,but you won`t get anything for free.

also threatening a company that has around 35 million subscribers worldwide that you won`t be giving them your $60 next year, is hardly any threat to them

Have fun with your ps4!

You'll need to give support a ring in your region.