Qestions About the Xbox Slim

I recently got the new slim Xbox and noticed a few things.

  1. It only has the one ventilation spot on the top of the console (laying down) and it runs extremely hot. Is this normal/safe? It's so hot that even after playing a game when I take the disc out it is hot to the touch.
  2. When Idle in the Dashboard with a disc in the tray, the console is noticeably loud and makes almost a rumbling kind of sound. However, while playing the game or idling in the Dashboard with no disc in the tray, it's much more noticeably quiet. Is this normal or should I be concerned?

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Should not be that loud. I'd take it back to the store and replace it.

That is not normal, my Xbox gets warm, not hot. I can barely hear it at all.

Yeah I think the thin materials they used on the new design also makes it hot.

Yeah something isn't right. When I first got mine I would leave it on by accident because I couldn't hear the thing.

I would get it replaced since it's still within warranty. Usually the symptoms would appears within months or not appears at all.