PVR Help please

Ok here's my dilemma.

I've been keen to start recording gaming footage for another website I'm very active on. (see sig).

Anyway, I use a 360 elite, a Benq monitor with hdmi, d-sub and DVD-I (dvi-d??) inputs.
Currently I am using hdmi to go from the Xbox to the monitor, I also have a the microsoft hdmi/optical out thingy to go to my turtlebeach dx11's (this may seem like a pretty crap setup to some but it took me ages to get this).
I also have all variation of xbox component outputs (that I know off, the original optical one, and then the non optical elite one).

Anyway, I've been told of the Hauppauge pvr, but it's component only.

Is there any PVRs that Would be able to connect to my monitor, that has minimal screen lag, or do I need an adaptor for say a HD Fury (I'd rather not, as they are quite expensive).
Or is there a way to just record what's on my monitor somehow with the ports I have listed?


Thanks in advance


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theres an HDMI capture card called black magic intensity pro, theres also a capture card type thing for apple if you have a mac or macbook mind you i cant remember the name off the top of my head right now.

nah only a windows loptop.

cheers man I'll look into it