Pure Pool

Found a video on the game and figured I would share. The game will feature some very nice graphics as well as something similar to Drivatars, where you compete while not playing. Video

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Someone posted this game a few months back, looks amazing.. I put an ungodly amount of hours into Bankshot billiards 2 for the 360, I absolutely love pool/snooker games.  Great for a few drinks and playing with mates.  Also, love being able to do proper swerves and positioning - things my dumb body can't do in real life :)

I put a bunch of hours into BB2 too. My wife is excited for this. She has it in her head that she can actually beat me at a video game. Silly girl.

I still have BB2 if anyone wants to play a few games with me. If you do, you'll probably win. ;)

...also, I will probably pick up PP too. ;)

Released today. Not sure if it's on the store yet but I'll definitely be picking this up later... really excited for a pool game lol

I remember  play a pool game on my old PC a long time a go. might pick up if its cheap.

...and when does this release?

Yesterday,but still not released yet.