Purchasing Xbox Live with Prepaid cards.

I as a customer do not understand why I cannot extend my Live Gold subscription with my existing funds. If I cannot find a subscription card or do not wish to pay via credit card why not allow me to spend the currency I paid for to be used how I desire? Nowhere on the prepaid cards does it say I cannot use it for this purpose and am feeling ripped off and *** off. I am done spending money on microsoft products. I am getting more dissatisfaction than enjoyment. Everytime I ask Xbox customer support for assistance they can do nothing.

I advise everyone to read and research very carefully what you are getting before you spend one cent on any of their services or products. They are deceptive and once they suck the money out of you they will not give it back and do not care what you think.


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Its because the dashboard deals are subscriptions not prepaid purchases

In order to buy a discounted aubscription you need an reoccuring payment option

It is clearly stated on any dashboard deal

If you want prepai membership you have only one option prepaid cards you can also get them electronically at any etailer including ms store

Depending on your region

Dashboard deals are subscriptions not something that can be only bought once as per the terms and conditions you have to give them notice of cancelation just like everything else or kjst forgo discounts

I dont know how you can mistaken a purchase

The prepaid gift cards clearly state cannot be used for memberships

Prepaid membership cards clearly state the months its available

Dashboars deals and subscription also clearly state they are reoccuring subscription

No console or game service allow currency to pay for any subscription

All have clearly labeled cards

Prepaid sibscription cards are for pay as you go

Prepaid giftcards for all gaming aervices only allow dlc or ingame content

Most game swrvices that have subscriptions also have prepaid subscription cards clearly stated for pay as you go subscription while they have discounted subscriptions that are reoccuring payment options like psn plus most mmorpgs etx