PSA For Folks that Preordered Through GameStop

This is a friendly Public Service Announcement from a friendly GameStop grunt.  If you have your system Preordered through us, make sure that you pick it up before close of business on Saturday night.  Reason being, the 48 hour hold period will be over at midnight on Saturday night.  After that, GameStop will be selling off remaining stock, which could include your pre-order.  Granted I do not expect anyone who has a preorder on this forum to NOT pick up their console at midnight on launch day, or the day of release, I still felt the need to put this information out there.  We had a lot of people upset this past Sunday with the PS4 because they did not pick up their system on Friday or Saturday, and I would hate to see the same thing happen over the Xbox One.  Please pass this information along to all of your friends and family members who may have also preordered the system so that no one ends up disappointed this weekend.

Thank you all for your time

Joker Frown   


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Great advice. Not sure about why people were upset about the PS4, it is printed on the receipt that preorder items will be put back after 48 hrs

Agree people don't take the time to read. Good post though

shhhhhh, I was going to get some extras that way!!

I would also pick up your games early if possible because they will sell through preorders  on release day as well.

Did the game pickup today (except for forza, Friday for that). Going to be another early morning Friday, but thankfully a tim hortons (Canada) is close to the store in the mall.

Another advice is if you're planning to pick up any of the EA games (or any XBO game released today) but didn't pre-order them, you may want to go get them before Friday.

Those of you who work for GS, do you know anything about online shipping?

@Alex Unfortunately, GameStop's online shipping is  completely separate beast from the storefront.  Our Redbook (GameStop's monthly operations bible) does not even include a phone number to contact the warehouse for shipping concerns.  I know that they should send an email with a tracking number to the email that was used when ordering.  Also keep in mind that the warehouse only processes orders Monday - Friday.  If they processed the order yesterday, then it should have shipped out today.  Yay for companies keeping information from their bread and butter!  All I can say is keep an eye in your email including your spam folder.