Project Spark beta......

Is taking forever to come to XB1.On the livestream tonight they confirmed that they didn't even have a set date for it yet but keep saying Febuary. 

Why even tease at the beta until a set date is nailed down? It just gets people such as myself excited and then let down that nothing is even set in stone yet.

Still looking forward to the game just a bit crestfallen at the lack of any meaningful info other than its on the way.


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Im reluctant to get a tablet, but I want this game.

This is why most companies don't give an exact date for much, because if there are delays, etc. people freak out or whine about it forever.... (Not directing this to the OP, just people in general)

Well at last look on twitter now they are "aiming" for February instead of it actually being in Feb. I assume the PC master race is more important than us lowly console users so must get to test longer.

You're not really missing anything... :)

I got a code I'm just waiting to use it. if you sign up for the pc beta. they will send you a code to redeem, then at the bottom of the page it tells you that u can save it for the xbox one beta coming this feb.

Just a heads up

I got an access key for the computer (havent played it yet...going to this weekend) but apparently it'll work on the xbox one when that demo comes out... can't wait!

The beta for Project Spark will arrive in Feb on the Xbox One..if you have it on your Win8 laptop or tablet already, then it'll just work straight away.

You can use the code on your PC, doesn't mean it won't work on the Xbox One. It will recognise your gamer tag when you download it for the Xbox One.

at the bottom of the email with the code it tells you that you can save it till the xbox one beta comes out an use it for that one instead

It will be in Feb, and it will be glorious!