Project Cars

Project Cars looks like a real race sim and an amazing racing game.

Anyone looked at this ?


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Looks really good from the little bit I have seen of it, Looking forward to playing it when it comes out.

I have been watching clips on youtube, as there seems to be quite a lot on there, including multiplayer, dynamic weather, night racing, many different series from carting to F1. This has been developed by the community and looks like a real racing fans simulator.

Yeah hope it lives up to the hype

We need a good racer

I've been keeping my eye on it, and it does indeed look rather good. Looking forward to seeing the finished product, assuming it ever does get finished :D

It looks like the most indepth racer I have seen in along time.

Could see this giving any racer a run for its money.

A lot of tracks included, some of them with different names, but that really doesn't matter, as you know what the tracks are.

Why is there nothing about this game on the Xbox site tho... I don't get it

Looks nice but it's by Slightly Mad Studios who make great car models and tracks but make the worst handling games ever, anyone remember NFS Shift when they got steering sensitivity backwards and front ends that bounced like something from a 90's Snoop Dog Video?  Will wait till the verdict is in on this one.

I bought it,  not playable yet due to controller issues, the steering is hyper sensitive making it impossible to enjoy the driving or win a race.  Also when other cars are on the track in front of you at a corner the frame rate drops to about 10 FPS with audio stammering.

Awaiting a patch, but worried I've paid for a broken promise!

Fantastic game.

It's a racing sim and it doesn't drive as easy as a tracing game like "Forza" where you follow the green line.

When it comes to corners braking and accellerating are as important as turning the wheel if you want to maintain speed and grip.

It's not that you're a bad driver.  You're just used to much more forgiving handlilng.

While I agree the steering can be to twitchy on a controller & does need a fix it's certainly not unplayable.

I adjusted the settings in options & have been winning some races,coming top 5 in most others with no problem.

Not had any frame rate issues myself but the audio has cut out a couple of times.

Think the problem with a lot of people is that they are expecting a Forza clone.

Forza is more an arcade racer than a sim,Project Cars is more of a sim & will take some practice.

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