Project Cars Track List.

The track list for this game is amazing.  Turn 10 your move.  I love Forza but aside from a amazing step up from Forza 5 to 6, then this could very well put a serious dent in the game's player base


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Several Championships got (officially) pilots assists;can be found in ALMS (GT3,LMP)

In LMP,even if it isn't a "basic" traction control , hybrid LMP use something very similar.

Also between all officials championships (F1 isn't the only racing car championship around the world) and all electronics assists that can be found in modern racing cars today,it's more about hypocrisy.

That doesn't means car racing is easier,just evolving....

But anyway,whatever happens with Project Cars,i'm not looking after it.

The car list and their free car a month promotion has me concerned they are trying to appeal to the console crowd car collecting habit.

Ideally a racing sim should have a car list limited to the actual cars that race in the real world racing series or even a single generic car for each series. Balancing the physics and handling characteristics of 100's of cars becomes a nightmare for devs.

I think what will make or break this game is how well their reputation system works and how the console community responds to it.

From their site....

Your Driver Network Profile tracks many stats relating to your Experience, Focus, and Affinity. But it also tracks your Online Performance and Reputation...

•The number of races entered vs the number completed

•Breakdown of placement in those races

•Pole positions achieved in online qualifying sessions

•Average finishing position and average qualifying position

•The number of races where you incurred no penalties

•And the number of races where you were disqualified

All this information is then used to ensure you find players of similar skill and conduct. Continually collide with other drivers and you'll slowly make acquaintances with others of similar destructive tendencies. Drive with good sportsmanlike conduct and you'll be enjoying the company of other refined opponents.

Will this system keep the griefers and even the people who aren't willing to learn the tracks and cars out of the multiplayer? We shall see.

I had calmed my hype on this game for awhile, but with it coming out this month and having a look at the car and track list, I feel ready to throw all of my money and time at this game, like I did years ago with Forza 2. The car list isn't tremendous, but the track list surely is. The hype is stewing again. Why must this come out right as summer semester begins?

Anyways, drama aside. I don't want to see braking lines and rewind and other hand-holding in a game of this ilk. Driving aids like STM, TCS, and ABS should be enough for the target demographic.  I can always go back to Forza Horizon 2 if I want something a bit more laid back.

In my experience it can cause problems.Auto braking tends to brake earlier than you need to brake

i can do with out racing lines but i for physical reasons need auto braking (unless im playing with wheel) does that mean i shouldnt be playing online because i cant use the brakes

I'm still not sold on this game yet and with Witcher 3 and old blood coming this month I'm going to sit it out and let others try this out for me. I look forward to hearing from my regular racing friends what it is like.

^^ which is where the problem starts.

People get used to being told where to brake & what line to take then don't have that online & start plowing into people.

One of the worst additions to racing games is racing lines & telling people where to brake for a corner

I don't mind options for assists in the single player portion of the game, which I'll be playing mainly offline anyway. Though for online, assists should be disabled.

@pkvas - it does? Cool! If it's in single-player, but not online, I think I could live with that. ;)

"Maybe the day real professionnal drivers/cars/championships won't use assist (ABS,traction,...) i will do the same. :)

I guess using them (like in real life),seems to be closer to a "simulation" and "reality"."

F1 (the pinnacle of automotive racing) doesn't use ABS or Traction Control

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