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After the shambles this game was on release I've finally got back round to it and yes it's a lot better to control the car's but still not great especially for my son who is really struggling with it !

So just to see what kind of settings I should have set ? I'm not looking for detailed setups for every car just a kind of basic setting that should make the cars a lot more drivable !!

Any advice would be greatly received :)


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I just started Project racing, and started in Karts which is section #8, that gave me easy racing to start the game instead of starting in a car, maybe this helps you .

Really you find the karts easier? I know it's a different game since launch but most people hated the karts

Karts are difficult to control.

People expect to be able to hug the green line like a hoover in Forza.

It's a racing SIM.  There are more forces at work when you turn than simply the steering wheel.

If you can dig up the original threads (or maybe even check in the Game Specific thread - there's even less traffic there) then you should be able to find the people who felt they'd found settings that they were more comfortable with.

Cheer's guys from the little I've played I've found the karts the easiest lol the Porsche in the rain was a nightmare!!

Az I've checked the main thread and someone has posted settings in there so I'll try them out cheers :)

Why not check out the information available on the Project Cars official forum -

There's even a subforum for XBox One users for console specific questions and info.

Like mentioned above it's not a racing game that will be as easy to control as the likes of Forza etc. It takes time to get use to.

Having said that, even though the game has improved from the mess it was at release, even after the updates loads of gamers to this day are still reporting handling bugs with some cars. Shooting off to the left or right for no reason, acceleration getting stuck on so I don't think it's just a case of getting use ( with some cars ) to the handling. There's still quite a bit of work needed for this game.

Cheers sexbomb I checked out the official thread and page 2 someone posted some setups I will check out :)

Lofty yeah the game will never be perfect and I've probably picked the wrong time to start getting back into Forza!!

Going straight from Forza to Project Cars would be an absolute nightmare and I've being thinking about just getting rid of PC especially with Forza 6 on the horizon!!

I like a game where I can just pick up and play without having to muck about with a ton of settings!!

@ Mr Boozy,

I've tried a few times to get back into Project Cars but my interest soon fades. I guess I'm spoilt that I play a few absolutely fantastic racing sims on the PC which in my opinion put Project Cars to shame.

Now I love my racers but Project Cars was a huge let down, apart from the issues especially at launch I just found it boring. They promised so much ( huge progressive career etc ) but in my opinion it just failed to deliver, real shame.

For my console racing fix I still play Forza 5 now, cannot wait until Forza 6 and if I feel the need to play an all out proper racing sim I'll just fire up the PC.

Should get some meets going when Forza 6 comes out!

Most definitely Mr Genchy.

Once the Summer holidays are over I shall be online a lot more :)

( Teach all you folks how to drive properly ;-p )

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