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ive been playing call of duty  and noticed that a lot of people hag the tag line "***" but i cannot  have my area code "617" boston as mine as you all declared it as prohibted text  why is that as well as fart ?  just does not make sense



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Same here. I've noticed at the bottom of the screen, ocassionally it has said so and so became this person. Example; Watchdog123, became darknight324. I've noticed examples of incidents like that in blackops 2. You know that is a hacker or something changing names during gameplay. It makes me wanna have a video camera aimed at my screen during every match to record the next incident I see of that and stick on youtube for proof. If you haven't seen it before you would think someone needs help for saying that, because you don't believe it's possible but it has happened a few times after the release of black ops 2 if that's what you're saying "Hag the tag line". I've noticed it too. That's another example of my other post. We need more live enforcement watching over the network.