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When I boot up the x1 it signs me in. Then, when I start a game it sometimes wants me to sign in again. If I go to the dashboard it shows I'm signed in, but the game asks me to sign I'm again, what causes that?

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Sometimes the same thing happens to me as well.  That is kind of strange.

This might be farfetched, but I wear glasses and contacts and I noticed it doesn't recognize me and sign me in at the initial dashboard unless I take my glasses off, I wonder if it's because I put my glasses back on and start a game it's thinking "who is this??" And makes me sign in again in the game. I think it's funny it doesn't recognize me with glasses on, a case of the kinect working too well! I tried having it recognize me with glasses on but then when it didn't log me in when I had my contacts in, I'd have to go get my glasses, put them on, and then it'd recognize me!

I had a problem where I was in the middle of a game and when my wife walked in it would sign her in automatically. Then when I said xbox record that, it would save it to her account. So now I have it on manual log in to stop this.