Profile on USB stick?

Hi all,

I'm away to Lithuania on Thursday to visit the in-laws.  My brother-in-law has an xbox, but there is no Xbox live there.  I was hoping to play some of my single player backlog!


Is there a simple way of saving my profile onto a USB stick, playing over there, and then "uploading" my profile back onto my xbox when i get home?


I'm probably missing something really easy??






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Pop the USB stick in your console, and allow the 360 to configure it for use. Then just copy your profile and whatever gamesaves you want to the stick.

Well it's move not copy (for the profile) but yeah, it's incredibly simple to do

Cheers i'll give it a go tonight.  Will I need to overwrite my profile on my return (or will it automatically do that?), don't want all my good work lost when I get back!!

As soon as the profile/gamertag reconnects to xbox live it'll sync up achievements, etc. think of it like being disconnected from xbox live and earning cheevos, when you reconnect to xbox live it'll update itself. The only issue i can imagine is having a save you take over there with a game that has had a title update from your end being put on to an xbox without it (due to no xbox live). Is taking your hard drive an option? That'd work out better all around as all your console/title updates are stored on it

You will just need to move them back to the HDD. To be honest with you, i keep my profiles on a USB stick all the time, as i switch between 360's depending on what im doing.

Cheers for the advice everyone.  I'm not sure if I can take my hard drive - he has the slim version of Xbox, I still have the old one, are the hard drives interchangable?

I'll have a play about tonight, try saving my profile on a USB, disconnect from live and play a couple games, and try transferring back onto my hard drive!  

Cheers again!

On that end, you'll have no issues :)

I have a 4gb xbox with multiple hard drives that i swap in and out ( allows me to keep a LOT of installed games) and I just keep the profile on the built in 4 gb flash memory (which is essentially a usb stick)

Yea just plug the USB in when you get back. Do not recover your gamer tag other wise you lose the cheers

no hdd is not transferable between the slim and the older models. As others have sdaid be sure to transfer any game saves you may want to the usb aswell.

Do as the above have said and enjoy your time away!