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I know this was a long time ago and I know what I did. I know you guys try and keep Xbox safe from all of this modding stuff and I get it. It's been over a year and I'm just wondering if you guys can please un-ban the account "NosaJiJasoN". I've learned my lesson a long time ago and I'll never tamper with my profile in any way ever again (achievements/gamerscore, avatar, mods, illegal downloading, whatever it may be). I don't think it's fair that I was banned forever for a mistake I made when I was 14. I didn't know what I was doing I was just a kid. I know the consequences now. Please if you can just give me one more chance.


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They don't unban accounts, just a heads up. The proper place to post about bans is the following forum, but that is only for questions regarding a ban, they won't accept any appeals for unbanning. Just continue on the account you have now.

So you are saying they don't uplift for any reason?

NO....   Forever is just that.    Besides Nobody here has access to that type of stuff.     I'm glad over the past year you have grown so much.    GOOD LUCK!!!!

Well to be fair it's not forever.


If you somehow manage to live to the year 9999, you can have your profile back.

Seems fair to me.    This beggs the question--- Is MS prepaired for all the unbans in 9999 ???   Or is it like a Y2K thing......  :)

[quote user="JasoNiNosaJ"]Please if you can just give me one more chance.[/quote]

You do have a second chance.  The account that you're using to post in these forums is your second chance.