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I cannot find my old post, so I reckon I have to start a new one.

I've been a user & fanboy of Xbox since it's inception. I've been a member of Xbox Live for 10 years now I think. I can't express how disappointed I am with Xbox lately.

I purchased many games through the marketplace and stuff through Zune on Xbox years ago. I can no longer watch the movies & music I once purchased? I even purchased games on the marketplace 3 years ago, but guess what? I cannot play them anymore either. After spending hours on the phone trying to get everything fixed, this is the reply I get via email two weeks later:

Dear Draven:
Hello my name is Arnold from the Xbox Live Advocacy Team and I just want to let you first and foremost that we appreciate your continued service with Xbox Live. After reviewing your casse about missing games and movies from your content history. Unfortunately if the developer of the movies or games expire the license they can. So it is the makers of the games and movies that are expiring the licenses not Xbox it is their right as the owner of teh content to add or remove from our marketplace. I am sorry for the inconvience that this has caused you.
Thank You,
So your telling me that I don't own a copy of the games I purchased? I didn't see that in the terms anywhere. I'm sick and tired of big business *** me over and ruining our country with greed. It's to a point now that the things you spend your hard earned money on and buy aren't even yours to keep anymore, but rather "rented" out to you. Your a fool if you think I'm going to purchase the product again, just so I can play it. In fact, I now plan to phasing Xbox out of my home.
I know your gonna sit here and say "It's the developers fault", but it's Microsoft's fault for selling us products that we are not allowed to keep, especially where it doesn't even warn the consumer by saying "you don't own a copy, this is just a 3 year rental".
Goodbye Microsoft.

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Have you changed your console during this time?

What games and movies are you missing?

I have not changed my console. but it shouldn't even matter if I did. At this point, I can only download trail versions of the games I already purchased under my account(same GT). Apparently, when you purchase a game from the arcade, the license is only good for 3 years. After that, you have to re-purchase the game to unlock it so you can play it. Which is bullcrap.

So if you have downloaded games to your HD, then deleted them, after 3 years or so you'll have to re-purchase.

It would matter if you hadn`t done a license transfer when you changed the console.

No, it shouldn't matter either way because the purchase is on the GT's owner account. Console should have nothing to do with it, but Microsoft makes it this way, which is unfair.

Either way, I have not changed consoles, gamertags, or anything. Nothing has changed other than the fact I deleted the download(running out of space), then at a later time wanted to re-download to play it. I cannot, it says I must re-purchase.