Problems with Xbox One turning on?

I've actually had this problem since yesterday. I go to turn the console on then it makes the noise and quickly turns right off. it happened for about 30 mins of me trying to turn the XO on. The only way i actually got it to turn on was by spamming the on button till the light stayed on. and this morning i went to turn the console on with the controller but the console didn't even attempt to turn on, and again i had to turn the console on by spamming the on button ON the console.


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I to oam having the same problem.  Sometimes it powers on and the light comes but nothing happens.  Gotta be a software issue.....good luck

I have this problem too. I hooked up my machine this morning and did the update etc. It locked up hard right off the bat with Forza requiring a hold the power button down to turn off reset. Ever since then it has been a pain to turn on requiring multiple touches of the power button.

I did notice that it was not even sending a HDMI signal some of the time using a HDMI switch. I tried a direct connect and multiple HDMI cables and the Xbox One still has this issue.

I hope it is just a software issue that an update will resolve.

Get a hold of support. That sucks and might get worse who knows its still early

having the same problem. Sometimes it is solved by unplugging the hdmi. I dont get it